Galerie Kevorkian

Covered jug with mythical creatures, birds and inscriptions

  • Bronze with engraved and silver inlaid decoration
  • Iran, Khorasan.
  • 12th century CE.
  • Height: 24,5 cm
Ex European private collection, constituted since 1979

– Around the neck in cursive script: al-‘izz wa al-iqbal wa al-dawla wa al-sa’ada wa al-salama wa al-ta[ma] / Glory and prosperity and good fortune and happiness and well-being and entirety
– Around the shoulder in kufic script: bi’l-yumn wa al-baraka al-kamila wa al-baraka wa al-bar[aka] wa al-baraka / With good fortune and complete blessing and blessing and blessing and blessing
– Around the lid in kufic script: al-baraka / blessing


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